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Blue Ridge Grown Vegetables and Herbs are grown with your gardening success in mind. Our growers raise plants for strength, cold tolerance, and vibrant, well-developed root systems. You can be assured that no chemical growth regulators or harsh chemicals are used! Your healthful, bountiful vegetable and herb garden is our goal.

The freshest vegetables and herbs abounding in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants are part of the rewards of your garden. You’ll have the satisfaction of knowing how and where your produce was grown.

Share the gardening experience with your entire family. Working together in the garden creates strong family bonds. Beginning gardeners develop a sense of how important it is to be environmentally responsible. Children learn the growth cycles of plants and team work. Gardening is fun, too! Start some family competition; see who can grow the biggest tomato or the largest pumpkin? Exercise, good nutrition and relaxation – gardening offers so much!

We hope that you and your family enjoy both old time favorites and some new varieties that Blue Ridge Grown offers. Thanks for your interest in Blue Ridge Grown Vegetables and Herbs.

Happy Gardening and Bon Appetite!


Basil Mammoth

herb thyme lemon

Herb Thyme Lemon




Herb Parsley Curled

Cuban Mint



Basil Thai

herb thyme lemon

Indian Cress